COMP4901R (L1) - Algorithmic Game Theory

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Mordecai GOLIN
Zoom office hours: by email appointment.


Zoom Lecture Times
Monday               10:30AM - 11:50AM
Monday               01:30PM - 02:50PM
Thursday             10:30AM - 11:50AM
Thursday             01:30PM - 02:50PM



  1. Game Theory,  Alive   [KP]
      by Anna R. Karlin  and Yuval Peres 
     American Mathematical Society (2017)
    A version is also available on the author's web site

  2. Twenty Lectures on Algorithmic Game Theory [TR}
      by Tim Roughgarden
     Cambridge University Press (2016)



Intellectual Honesty & Plagiarism

  • Students are expected to follow the HKUST Academic Honor CodeLinks to an external site.
  • All work submitted for grading, e.g., assignments, must be your own
  • You are permitted to discuss problems with other students but you must write-up all solutions by yourself, in your own words.
  • If you got the main idea for a solution from another student or a web-site you must acknowledge that source in your submission.
  • Submission of non-acknowledged material will be considered as plagiarism and dealt with under the university policy for cheating.

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